Meet Irena Simic – our very own Casting Director. Don’t let her youthful looks fool you. She packs a punch with years of experience. If you believe she can find the right person for your job – no matter what the brief – well then, our work here is done. If you’re not convinced yet, then this might do the trick: she speaks a total of five languages. That’s almost as awesome as the actual Big Five, although you won’t hear them speaking German, Croatian, English, Spanish or French. Here’s another hook for your sinker: Irena gives clients 100% service. She’s on the job from start to finish and your casting will be the only casting that receives her undivided attention.


Lights, camera, and… you’re almost famous. At least you could be. We hold castings in our in-house studio at the Old Castle Breweries. Arrive by bus, stretch limo or skateboard, whatever floats your boat. It’s easily accessible by public transport and there’s plenty parking. Yes, even for your bike with basket.

Our studio is fully equipped and sound proof. We offer the following services:

• Stills and live castings
• FTP server or preferred web platform upload
• Fully authored DVDs with each actor’s audition, sorted per role or other criteria
• Contract work
• Callbacks
• Wardrobe calls
• Street castings
• Presentation booklet with comprehensive details and head shots